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Activists We Admire
Ban Asbestos
Body Burden
Business Solutions
Cancer and Transport
Cancer in Animals and Fish
Cancer in Children
Cancer Prevention Action
Cancer Societies
Cancer Where You Live
Chemical Regulation
Clean Production
Clean Water
Corporate & Democratic Reform
Developing World
EMF Radiation
Energy and Mining Companies
Environmental Justice
Environmental Links to Cancer
Everyday Products
Global Solutions
Global Treaties
Green Building
Green Chemistry
Green Communities
Green Purchasing
Health Care
Healthy Children
Healthy Farming
Healthy Food
Healthy Gardens
Healthy Homes
Healthy Schools
Labour Solutions
Military, Depleted Uranium
Nuclear Radiation
Ozone Depletion
Pollution Tax
Phase Out Chlorine
Precautionary Principle
Supermarkets and Retailers
Solutions for the World’s Religions
Stop Smoking
Wider Coalitions
Winning Legislation
Zero Waste


Great Books
Great Videos

Activists We Admire

Anil Agarwal:
Audre Lorde:
Bella Abzug:
Denny Larson:
Diane Wilson:
Elizabeth May:
Illai Kenney:
Jean-Dominique Lévesque-René:
Judy Brady:
Lois Gibbs:
Margie Richard:
Michael Lerner:
Rachel Carson:
Rosalie Bertell:
Rose Kushner:
Sam Epstein:
Sandra Steingraber:
Sharon Batt:
Susan Love:
Terri Swearingen:
Terry Fox:
Von Hernandez:
Wilma Subra:

Ban Asbestos

Asbestos Epidemic in America:
Ban Asbestos Canada:
European Trade Union Institute:
International Metalworkers’ Federation:
Libby, Montana (DVD):
White Lung Association:

Body Burden

Body Burden - The Pollution in Newborns:
California’s Body Burden Campaign:
CDC National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals:
Chemical Body Burden:
Chemical Trespass - Pesticides in Our Bodies:
Environmental Defence Canada:
Environmental Working Group:
Scorecard, the Pollution Information Site:
Toxic Nation Report Card (Canada):


Business Solutions

Auto Repair Shops:
Bay Area Green Business Program:
BE SAFE Precautionary Platform:
Center for Health, Environment and Justice:
Center for Progressive Reform:
Chemical Industry Archives:
Chemical Strategies Partnership:
Corporate Environmental Strategy Journal:
Diamond: A Struggle for Justice in Louisiana’s Chemical Corridor:
Dry Cleaning:
Global Environmental Management Initiative:
Good Neighbor Agreements:
Green Profit:
Green Suppliers Network:
International Society for Industrial Ecology:
Louisville Charter:
Natural Capitalism:
Organic Golf:
Organic Lawn Care:
PollutionWatch, Canada:
Printers and Publishers:
Project on Scientific Knowledge and Public Policy:
SC Johnson Greenlist:
Small Business Environmental Home Page:
The Natural Step:
The Next Industrial Revolution:
The Non-Toxic CEO, by Mark Wysong:
The Sustainability Advantage, by Bob Willard:
Toxics Release Inventory:
Trade Secrets, with Bill Moyers:
US Green Seal:

Cancer and Transport

Auto Asthma Index:
California Diesel Activities:
Diesel and Health in America:
Diesel’s Cancer Risk:
Electric Vehicle World:
Lives per Gallon: The True Cost of Our Addiction to Oil:
Peak Oil:
Plug-in America:
Plug-In Hybrids:
Plug-in Hybrids:
Stormy Weather: 101 Solutions to Global Climate Change:
Taking Our Breath Away - The Health Effects of Air Pollution and Climate Change:

Cancer in Animals and Fish

Cancer Registry for Companion Animals:
Registry of Tumors in Lower Animals:
Sprecher Institute for Comparative Cancer:
Tainted Catch - Toxic Fire Retardants:


Cancer in Children

Cancer Incidence and Survival Among US Children & Adolescents:
Center for Children’s Environmental Health:
Child Health and The Environment:
Childhood Cancer Research Group, Oxford:
Health Effects of Pesticides:
Kids with Cancer:
Making Our Milk Safe (MOMS):

Cancer Prevention Action

20/20 Vision Resources:
Activist Toolbox:
Activist Toolkit:
Activists Tools:
Advocacy Tools for Canadian non-profits:
Berkeley Stop Cancer Where It Starts:
Breast Cancer Action:
Breast Cancer Fund:
Calling All Activists, by Meghan Taylor:
Canadian Cancer Society:
Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control Best Practices Review:
Cancer Prevention and Education Society (UK):
Cancer Prevention Coalition:
Collaborative on Health and the Environment:
Community Campaign ideas:
Developing Relationships with Reporters:
Fun with Fundraising:
Investigate local polluters:,
Media Advocacy Manual:
News Releases:
Ohio Citizen Action:
Oregon Toxics Alliance:
Pesticide Free Ontario:
Pesticides Community Organizing Fact Sheets:
Prevent Cancer Now (Canada):
Public Databases on Toxics:
Rainforest Action Network:
Refinery Reform Campaign:
Results Activists’ Milestones and Toolkit:
Right to Know Network:
Ruckus Society:
Starting a Non-Profit Society:
Stop Cancer Where It Starts Campaign Guide:
The Art of Advocacy:
The Spin Project:
Toolkit for Boards:
University of Pittsburgh Centre for Environmental Oncology:
Virtual Activist:
Women’s Institute Campaign:
Writing Effective Letters:
WWF Campaign:
WWF Safer Shopping:
YES! Helping Outstanding Young Leaders Build A Better World:
You, Too, Can Be an Effective Health Advocate:

Cancer Societies

American Cancer Society:
Breast Cancer Action:
Breast Cancer Fund:
Canadian Cancer Society:
Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control Best Practices Review:
Cancer Prevention and Education Society (UK):
Cancer Prevention Coalition:
Collaborative on Health and the Environment:
Health and Environment Alliance (Europe):
IARC Research Programs:
International Agency for Research on Cancer:
International Union Against Cancer:
Prevent Cancer Now (Canada):
Preventin is the Cure (New York):
University of Pittsburgh Centre for Environmental Oncology:
World Cancer Report:
World Health Organization:


Cancer Where You Live

Cabinet Confidential – Toxic Products in the Home:
CHEC’s HealtheHouse Tour:
Disease Cluster and Hotspot Map:
Fallon Cancer Crisis:
Household Products Database:
Indoor Air Quality Toolkit:
Love Canal:
The Green Guide:
Tox Town:
Unequal Exposures to Ecological Hazards:
US Envirofacts by zipcode:
US pollution report by zipcode:

Chemical Regulation

Canadian Environmental Law Association:
Critiques of Risk Assessment: Rachel’s Democracy & Health News:
Environment Canada:
Environmental Compliance Consortium:
Environmental Damages Fund:
Environmental Working Group:
EPA Superfund:
Eugene Toxics Right to Know Law:
Greenpeace on REACH:
Louisville Charter Chemicals Policy:
Lowell Center for Sustainable Production:
Making Better Environmental Decisions: An Alternative to Risk Assessment, by Mary O’Brien, MIT Press, 2000:
Massachusetts Environmental Strike Force:
Massachusetts Toxic Use Reduction Act:
Mining Watch Canada:
New Jersey Natural Resource Restoration:
New Jersey Right to Know Act:
Office of Technical Assistance Case Studies:
Refinery Reform:
Safe from Toxics:
Scorecard Superfund Locator:
Sierra Club:
Sierra Legal Defence Fund:
Superfund costs by state:
Sweden’s Environmental Objectives:
Toxics Use Reduction Institute:
Trade Secrets:
What is REACH?

Clean Production

Bay Area Green Business Association:
Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention:
Center for Clean Products and Clean Technologies:
Clean Car Campaign:
Clean Production Action:
Clean Production Action:
Cleaner Production:
Computer Take Back Campaign:
Eco-Efficiency Centre (Dartmouth):
Extended Producer Responsibility (Canada):
Extended Producer Responsibility:
Hannover Principles:
Journal of Cleaner Production:
Lowell Center for Sustainable Production:
National Pollution Prevention Roundtable:
Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange:
Pollution Prevention World Information Network:
Pulp Mills Zero Discharge:
Responsible Care Canada:
Responsible Care:
Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition:
Sony Environmentally Conscious Products:
Southwest Network for Zero Waste:
The Next Industrial Revolution (video):
UNEP Clean Production:
Zero Emissions Forum (UN):
Zero Emissions Research Initiative:
Zero Waste Alliance:
Zero Waste International Alliance:


Clean Water

Campaign for Safe and Affordable Drinking Water:
Canadian Environmental Law Association:
Clean Water Fund:
Minnesota Clean Water Legacy Project:
Natural Resources Defense Council:
Safe Drinking Water Foundation:
Second Look:

Corporate & Democratic Reform

Aurora Institute:
Campaign for Corporate Responsibility:
Center for Responsive Politics:
Consumer Protection for Elections:
Corporate Accountability International:
Corporate Responsibility:
Democracy Watch Canada:
Environmental Health, Vol. 11, No.4, Oct/Dec. 2005:
Fair Vote Canada:
Friends of the Earth:
Holding Corporations Accountable:
Multinational Monitor:
Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy:
Public Campaign:
Robert Hinkley:
Robert Hinkley:
The Republican War on Science, by Chris Mooney:
The Weekly Spin:

Developing World

Alliance for Cervical Cancer Prevention:
Centre for Science and the Environment:
Clean Air Initiative:
Cleaner Production in China:
Farming Solutions:
Global Alliance of Incinerator Alternatives:
Global Community Monitor:
Greenpeace India:
Improved Cookstoves:
Light Up the World:
Morarka Foundation, India:
Navdanya, India:
Nayakrishi Centers, Bangladesh:
Organic Food and Farming, Myth and Reality:
Pesticide Action Network International:
Sekem, Egypt:
Sipcot Area Community Environmental Monitors:
Solar Electric Light Fund:
South Durban Community Environmental Alliance:
Thailand Toxics:
The Leapfrog Factor - Clearing the Air in Asian Cities (2006):
The Next Industrial Revolution:
The Real Green Revolution:
Toxics Link, India:
UN Habitat Urban Transport:
Vandana Shiva:
Zero Waste International Alliance:
Zero Waste Kovalam:


EMF Radiation

Associated Bioelectromagnetics Technologists:
California EMF Program:
Cell Towers and Schools:
Council on Wireless Technology Impacts:
Don Maisch’s EMF Consultancy:
EMR Network:
Microwave News:
San Francisco Neighborhood Antenna-Free Union:
SARVALUES Facts and Figures on Cellular Phone Radiation:
The New Mammography Debate:
Trifield EMF meter:
What is nuclear medicine?:
X-Ray Record Card:

Energy and Mining Companies

Alliance for Responsible Mining:
Association for the Study of Peak Oil:
BC Sustainable Energy Association:
Diesel Emissions Evaluation Program:
Framework for Responsible Mining:
Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives:
Good Practice Mining:
Haber Gold Process:
International Council on Mining and Metals:
Mines and Communities:
MiningWatch Canada:
National Campaign Against Dirty Power:
Rocky Mountain Institute:
Stormy Weather: 101 Solutions to Global Climate Change:
Westerners for Responsible Mining:
World Information Service on Energy:

Environmental Justice

Bucket Brigade:
Communities for a Better Environment (CA):
Community Coalition for Environmental Justice (WA):
Deep South Center for Environmental Justice:
Environmental Justice Support Center:
EPA’s Environmental Justice Site:
Indigenous Environmental Network:
Louisiana Bucket Brigade:
Northwest Environmental Justice Alliance:
Principles of Environmental Justice:
Refinery Reform Campaign:
Sierra Club Environmental Justice:
Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice:
WE ACT West Harlem:
Wilma Subra:


Environmental Links to Cancer

Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors:
Center for Environmental Oncology:
CERCLA Priority List of Hazardous Substances:
Chasing the Cancer Answer:
CHE Toxicant and Disease Database:
Collaborative on Health and the Environment:
Endocrine Disruptors:
Environmental and Occupational Causes of Cancer: A Review of Recent Scientific Evidence:
Environmental and Occupational Causes of Cancer:
Environmental Health News summary:
Environmental Health Perspectives:
Environmental Research Foundation:
Fetal origins of cancer:
IARC list of carcinogens:
International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health:
Our Stolen Future:
State of the Evidence: What is the Connection Between the Environment and Breast Cancer?
Toxic Beginnings - A Lifetime of Chemical Exposure in the First Year:
Toxicant and Disease Database:
UK Working Group on the Primary Prevention of Breast Cancer:

Everyday Products

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics:
Center for a New American Dream:
Computer Take Back Campaign:
Conscious Consumer:
Coop America:
Don’t Buy It!
I Buy Different:
Marks and Spencer:
Panasonic Sustainability Report:
PFCs Report:
Poisoned Cosmetics:
Rethink: Fresh Ideas for a Cleaner World:
The Case Against Indoor Tanning:
The Chemical House:
Virtual House:

Global Solutions

Earth Charter:
IARC Research Programs:
International Agency for Research on Cancer:
International Forum on Chemical Safety:
International Program on Chemical Safety:
International Union Against Cancer:
Inter-Organizational Program for the Sound Management of Chemicals:
Redefining Progress:
Severn Suzuki’s Speech at Rio:
Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management:
UNEP’s Chemicals Program:
World Health Organization:


Global Treaties

Basel Action Network:
Basel Convention:
Basel, Stockholm, and Rotterdam Conventions:
Countries signing the POPs agreement:
Exporting Harm - The High-Tech Trashing of Asia:
International POPS Elimination Network:
International POPS Elimination Project:
Rotterdam Convention:
Stockholm Convention:
Toxics Treaties Country Report Cards:

Green Building

Blue Vinyl (DVD):
Building Green:
Canada Green Building Council:
Chicago Center for Green Technology:
Green Buildings:
Green Buildings:
Green Communities:
Healthy Building Network:
Indoor Air Pollution (Asbestos):
Indoor Air Pollution (Formaldehyde):
Indoor Air Pollution (Radon):
Indoor Air Pollution (VOCs):
Materials to Avoid:
Portland’s Green Building Resource:
PVC Alternatives Database:
PVC Facts:
PVC-free Materials List:
Radon Resistant Construction:
Treated Wood Campaign:
US Green Building Council:

Green Chemistry

Canadian Green Chemistry Network:
Center for Green Chemistry, Massachusetts Lowell:
Computer Take Back Campaign:
Database of POPs Alternatives:
EPA Green Chemistry Program:
Green Chemistry Group, University of York (UK):
Green Chemistry in California:
Green Chemistry Institute:
Green Chemistry Journal:
Green Chemistry Network (UK):
Greenlist (weekly):
Institute for Green Oxidization Chemistry:
Leeds Cleaner Synthesis Group (UK):
Persistent Organic Pollutants:
PFCs Report:
Rethink: Fresh Ideas for a Cleaner World:
The Chemical House:
Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry:
Univ Massachusetts Green Chemistry Program:


Green Communities

American Forests:
Backyard and Urban Agriculture:
Car Free Cities:
Centre for Sustainable Transportation (Canada):
Chicago City Farm:
Curitiba, Brazil:
Global Ecovillage Network:
Green Power Partnership:
Green Roofs:
Halifax Pesticide By-Law:
Homeless Garden Project:
Lawn and Garden Pesticides - Reducing Harm (video):
Living Machines:
Location Efficient Mortgages:
Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning, A Guide to Best Practices:
Pesticide Bylaw Resources:
Report on Drinking Water:
Santa Monica:
Smart Communities Network: (click on Transport).
Sustainable Communities Network:
Toronto Cancer Prevention Coalition:
Toronto Food Policy Council:
Toronto Pesticide By-Law:
Toxic Beginnings:
Tree Canada Foundation:
Walkable Communities:

Green Purchasing

City of Richmond Environmental Purchasing Guide:
EPA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing:
European Eco-Label:
Government Purchasing Project:
Green Seal:
Green Suppliers Network:
Minnesota Environmentally Preferable Purchasing:
Natural Resources Council of Maine:
Procurement Resources:
Purchasing for Pollution Prevention:
Santa Monica Sustainable City Program:

Health Care

American Public Health Association:
Best Start:
Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment:
Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention Health Care:
Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care:
Canadian Health Network:
Canadian Public Health Association:
Center for Environmental Oncology, University of Pittsburgh:
Center for Healthy Environments and Communities (PA):
Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Preconception Care:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
Children’s Health and Environmental Coalition:
Children’s Health, Environmental Health:
Collaborative on Health and the Environment:
Community Outreach and Education Program:
Continuum Center for Health and Healing:
EnviRN – a virtual resource for environmental health and nursing:
Environmental Health links:
EPA Office of Children’s Health Protection:
Green Guide to Health Care:
Green Health Care Practice:
Harvard School of Public Health:
Health Care Without Harm:
Health Professionals’ Guide to Preconception Care, by Dr. Marilyn Glenville:
Hospitals for a Healthy Environment:
Incorporating Environmental Health into Pediatric Medical and Nursing Education:
Labour Environmental Alliance Society:
Luminary Project (for nurses):
National Environmental Education and Training Foundation:
Ontario College of Family Physicians:
Planning for a Healthy Baby:
RN No Harm, American Nurses Association:
Sustainable Hospitals Project:
The Pediatric Environmental Toolkit:
Training Manual on Pediatric Environmental Health - Putting It Into Practice:
Trust for America’s Health:


Healthy Children

Association for the Promotion of Preconceptual Care:
Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine:
Child Health and The Environment – A Primer:
Child Health and the Environment by Donald T. Wigle:
Children’s Environmental Health: Reducing Risk in a Dangerous World:
Guide to Green Living:
Health Before Pregnancy Environment Checklist:
In Harm's Way: Toxic Threats to Child Development:
Infant Feeding Action Coalition of Canada:

Healthy Farming

Antioxidants in Organic Food:
California Project LEAN:
Canadian Organic Growers:
Centre for Informed Food Choices:
Cyberhelp for Organic Farmers:
European Public Health Alliance:
International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements:
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service:
Oregon Tilth:
Organic Advocates:
Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada:
Organic Consumers Association:
Organic Europe:
Organic Monitor:
Organic Trade Association:
Pesticides in Produce:
Rodale Institute:
Soil Association (UK):
Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education:
Sustainable Farming:
The New Farm:
Transitioning to Organic Production:

Healthy Food – Caring for the Next Generation:
Eating Organic for Less than Processed Food:
Environmental Working Group: (search Food Safety)
Fats & Cholesterol:
Foods with the most pesticide residues:
Good Stuff – Baby Products:
Guide to Food Additives:
Health and Vegetarians:
Healthy Snacks:
Meat Consumption and Cancer:
No Splenda or Aspartame:
North American Vegetarian Society:
Organic - A Choice for Our Children:
Organic Food and Pesticide Residues:
Ten Reasons Why Organic Food is Better:
The China Study:
The Food Revolution: How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and the World, by John Robbins:
The Organic Center:


Healthy Gardens

A Year on the Garden Path: A 52 Week Guide to Organic Gardening, by Carolyn Herriot:
Backyard burning:
Canadians Against Pesticides’ Green Alternatives:
CCA wood alternatives:
Least Toxic & Non-Toxic Alternatives:
Ozone water treatment:
Ten Ways to Go Organic:

Healthy Homes

Building for Health, healthy and environmentally sound building materials & home comforts:
Building Green:
Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and Environment:
CancerSmart Consumer Guide:
CHEC’s HealtheHouse:
Children’s Environmental Health Resource Sampler:
Citizen's Guide to Protecting Yourself and Your Family From
Debra Lynn Dadd’s Home Safe Home:
Environmental Home Center:
Green Home:
Guide to Less Toxic Products:
Indoor Air Quality, Volatile Organic Chemicals:
Kitchen water filters:
Micro-fiber cleaning cloths:
Out of Harm’s Way: Preventing Toxic Threats to Child Development:
Recipes for Safer Cleaners:
Simple, sustainable living:
Skin Deep:
Ten Steps to Our Children’s Toxic Free Future:
The Green Guide: Better Basics for Your Baby’s Room, Issue 102:
Toxic Carpeting:

Healthy Schools

ABCs of Healthy Schools:
Active & Safe Routes to School:
Back to School Environmental Checklist:
Beyond Pesticides:
Building Green Schools:
Center for Ecoliteracy:
Childproofing Our Communities:
Citizens for a Safe Learning Environment:
Clean School Bus USA:
Community Organizing for Environmental Health:
Edible Schoolyard:
EPA Tools for Schools:
Generation Green:
Green Flag Program:
Green Guide:
Green Schools Checklist:
Green Schools Initiative:
Green Schoolyards Around the World:
Green Squad:
Green Street:
Green Teacher Diploma:
Green Teacher Magazine:
Healthy Schools Network:
Illinois Healthy Schools Campaign:
Indoor Air Quality Design Tools for Schools:
Kids Against Pollution:
Kids for Saving Earth:
Site Selection:
Teacher’s Garden:
The Edible Schoolyard:


Labour Solutions

Blue Green Alliance of Minnesota:
British Columbia’s landmark Health & Safety Regulation:
Canadian arm of the USWA:
Canadian Labour Congress manual on just transition:
Communications, Energy & Paperworkers Union Just Transition Policy:
Corporate Corruption of Science:
Dying for a Living. It’s a Crime:
Equal Protection for Workers Against Toxics:
Green Labor:
Hazards magazine:
Louisville Charter for Safer Chemicals:
MSDS Index:
MSDS National Search
National Whistleblowers Center:
New Jersey Work Environment Council:
NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards:
Prevent Cancer Campaign: Devil of a Poison:
Preventing Cancer: A Campaign for Workers:
Pure White: Asbestos, A Canadian Scrapbook:
Steelworkers & Sierra Club: Good Jobs, a Cleaner Environment, a Safer World:
Ten Ways to Find Safer Cleaners:
The Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment:
The US National Council for Occupational Safety and Health:
The Workers’ Health & Safety Centre, Toronto:
Where to find MSDS Sheets:
Workplace Toxins:

Military, Depleted Uranium

Arc Ecology:
Campaign Against Depleted Uranium:
Chemical Weapons Working Group:
Depleted Uranium is WMD, by Leuren Moret:
Enough Blood Shed: 101 Solutions to Violence, Terror and War, by Mary-Wynne Ashford with Guy Dauncey:
International Action Center:
International Coalition to Ban Depleted Uranium Weapons:
Military Toxics Project:
Uranium Medical Research Centre:

Nuclear Radiation

Campaign for Nuclear Phase-Out:
Committee for Nuclear Responsibility:
Institute for Energy and Environmental Research:
Life’s Delicate Balance, by Janette Sherman:
Low-Level Radiation Campaign:
Low-Level Radiation:
Nuclear Policy Research Institute:
Radiation and Public Health Project:
WISE Uranium Project:


Ozone Depletion

Environmental Investigation Agency:
Health Effects of UV Radiation:
Montreal Protocol:
Ozone Crisis:
Ozone Depletion:
Ozone Hole Tour:
Ozone Hole:
Stratospheric Ozone:


How Pesticides Work:
Lawn and Garden Pesticides: Reducing Harm (10’ video):
Ontario College of Family Physicians Pesticides Literature Review: search Environment & Health.
Pesticide Action Network:
Pesticide Free Ontario:
Pesticides and Human Health:
Pesticides Community Organizing Fact Sheets:

Pollution Tax

Connecticut Dry Cleaning Remediation Fund:
Environmental Taxation Worldwide:
Fiscal Ecological Reform:
Green Budget Coalition:
Green Scissors Campaign:
Green Tax Shift:
Sweden’s Green Tax Shift:
Tax Shift:


Phase Out Chlorine

Agent Orange, The Legacy:
Blue Vinyl (the film):
Dioxins and furans:
Euro Chlor Sustainability Goals:
Health Effects of Dioxin, by Ted Schettler:
PVC Alternatives:
PVC Phase-out:
PVC, The Poison Plastic:
Scientific Facts on Dioxins:

Precautionary Principle

Environmental Research Foundation:
Our Stolen Future:
Precautionary Policy Clearinghouse:
Rachel’s Precaution Reporter:
Science and Environmental Health Network:
Wingspread Statement on the Precautionary Principle:

Solutions for the World’s Religions

Catholic Coalition for Children and a Safe Environment:
Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life:
Earth Sangha:
Evangelical Environment Network:
Greening Congregations:
Guardians of the Natural Order (Muslim):
Indigenous Environmental Network:
Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility:
National Council of Churches:
National Religious Partnership for the Environment:
United Church of Canada:
United Methodist Women:
Web of Creation:


Supermarkets and Retailers

Adverse Health Effects of Plastics:
Campaign for Safe Cosmetics:
Marks and Spencer:
Mountain Equipment Co-op:
Organic Cotton:
Panasonic Sustainability Report:
Safer Chemicals Campaign:
Safer Products Pledge:

Stop Smoking

Advocacy Tools:
Americans for Non-Smokers Rights:
Asian American Youth Against Tobacco:
Children Opposed to Smoking Tobacco: (see True Ads)
DeFacto, the web site Canadian tobacco companies tried to shut down (en français):
Economics of Tobacco Control (World Bank):
Leave the Pack Behind (for college-age students):
National African American Tobacco Prevention Network:
Non-Smokers’ Rights Association:
Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco:
Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada:
Second Hand Smoke:
Smoking Bans:
Smoking Isn’t Kool:
Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance:
SWAT, Students Working Against Tobacco:
The Truth:
Tobacco Free Kids:
Tobacco News:
What’s in a Cigarette?:
WHO Tobacco Free Initiative:
World Health Organization Tobacco Free Initiative:
You Are The Target:
Youth Anti-Tobacco Collaborative:

Wider Coalitions

Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow (Massachusetts):
Environmental Health Strategy Center (Maine):
Military Toxics Project:
Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides:
Oregon Toxics Alliance:
Pesticides Action Network:
Prevent Cancer Now:
San Francisco Breast Cancer Action Network:
Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition:
State PIRG Toxics Campaigns:
Washington Toxics Coalition:


Winning Legislation

Guidelines for Legislative Lobbying:
How a Bill Becomes a Law:
How to Win Campaigns:
Legislative Steps:
Legislative Testimony, A Guide for Citizen Activists:
Municipal Pesticide Bylaws:
Oregon’s Pesticide Use Reporting Program:
Preparing for a Campaign by Mary O’Brien:

Zero Waste

Dioxins Homepage:
Getting to Zero Waste:
Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives:
Grassroots Recycling Network:
Incineration and Human Health, Greenpeace:
Institute for Local Self-Reliance:
Rachel’s Precaution Reporter #16, Zero Waste:
Successful Re-Use and Recycling:
Zero Waste California:
Zero Waste International Alliance:


Great Books

Altering Eden: The Feminization of Nature by Deborah Cadbury
An Unreasonable Woman: A True Story of Shrimpers, Politicos, Polluters, and the Fight for Seadrift, Texas by Diane Wilson
Asbestos: Medical and Legal Aspects by Barry Castleman (Aspen, 2005)
Cancer Wars: How Politics Shapes What We Know and Don’t Know About Cancer by Robert Procter
Cancer-Gate: How to Win the Losing Cancer War by Sam Epstein
Diamond: A Struggle for Environmental Justice in Louisiana’s Chemical Corridor by Steve Lerner
Dying from Dioxin by Lois Gibbs
Foods that Fight Cancer by Richard Béliveau and Denis Gingras
Having Faith: An Ecologist’s Journey to Motherhood by Sandra Steingraber
Living Downstream: a Scientist’s Personal Investigation of Cancer and the Environment by Sandra Steingraber
Patient No More: The Politics of Breast Cancer by Sharon Batt
The Secret History of the War on Cancer by Devra Davis
Toxic Deception: How the Chemical Industry Manipulates Science, Bends the Law, and Endangers Your Health by Dan Fagin & Marianne Lavelle
When Smoke Ran Like Water by Devra Davis

Great Videos

A Civil Action (local video stores)
A Healthy Baby Girl
Blue Vinyl
Chasing the Cancer Answer (CBC, Wendy Mesley)
Erin Brokovich (local video stores)
Exposure - Environmental Links to Breast Cancer
If You Love Our Children -  Children's Health and the Environment
Rachel’s Daughters
River of Broken Promises
The Insider (local video stores)
Toxic Trespass
Trade Secrets, A Bill Moyers Report


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