Climate and Energy
"I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy.
What a source of power!
I hope we don't have to wait 'til oil and coal run out before we tackle that."
- Thomas Edison

Climate Change

  • Falling in Love with the Earth (December 2009)
    Common Ground Magazine
    This month, in Copenhagen, Denmark, the world’s leaders are gathering for the all important Climate Conference, hoping to reach an agreement sufficiently robust to prevent human civilization, and most of Earth’s ecosystems, from spiralling down into climate chaos.

  • Oct 24 Global Day of Action (October 2009)
    Common Ground Magazine
    “Dear world: This is an invitation to help build a movement – to take one day and use it to stop the climate crisis.” These are words from the grassroots organization, which is energizing a huge global protest about the looming climate crisis.
  • Zero CarbonWelcome to the Post-Carbon World (2008)
    YES! Magazine
    Feature article - Why do some planets survive their carbon crises and others don’t? A plan for how ours could, focusing on:
  • Ten Ways to Cool Your Summer (June 2008)
    Corporate Knights

  • My Beef with Global Warming (Feb 2008)
    Common Ground Magazine
    Cutting right back on our consumption of meat and dairy must be an essential part of any strategy to tackle global warming.

  • Alarm Bells Beg Action (May 2007)
    Common Ground Magazine
    When a fire alarm rings, we know what to do: evacuate the building and apply water. But what happens when Earth’s alarm bells ring?

  • BC Sets Hot Air Standards (April 2007)
    Common Ground Magazine
    It was with the greatest delight that I heard the commitments to tackle the challenge of climate change in the throne speech in February.

  • Climate Crisis Breakthrough (March 2007)
    Common Ground Magazine
    Finally, the world is waking up to the realities of global climate change, and saying “Maybe we’d better do something about it.”

  • Cutting Down on Carbon (Feb 2006)
    Common Ground Magazine
    It would be better if I reduced my emissions to zero, but until then, being carbon-neutral is a good second best.

  • Polar BearThe Biggest Show on Earth (Nov 2005)
    Common Ground Magazine
    It could cost $200 billion to rebuild New Orleans and the other broken communities. When it comes to global climate change, however, the biggest show on Earth, Bush says, “We can’t afford it.”

  • Climate: The Crucial Challenge (2004)
    Wouldn’t it be nice if this nagging problem of global climate change would just go away? Like a head-ache, you would wake up in the morning and find that it’s gone?

  • Living with a Climate Monster (2004)
    What will it take for people to realize that global climate change is like an enormous angry monster, and the hotter it gets, the more angry it will become?

  • On Lightbulbs, Polar Bears and Earth’s Future (2002)
    First published in Response Magazine (United Methodist Women)
    What a strange and complicated world we live in. I want to live simply, celebrating the fullness of God’s creation and acting kindly towards my neighbours and my fellow humanity, but I am confounded by the simple presence of a light switch.

  • Our Atmosphere, Our Climate, Our Hope (2002)
    First published in ‘Earthlight’ -
    We must cast our anchor on the far shore called ‘clean energy’. We must hold in our hearts the vision in which the atmosphere becomes part of the community of all life, and no longer a commodity. The future of our planet’s ecosystems, and much of life, depends on it.

  • Stormy Weather Ahead (2000)
    First published in ‘Living Lightly’
    Must it always be like this? Must we wait until after the disasters strike before we act? This time, however, we possess a revolutionary means of global communication – the Internet. Maybe we can use it to mobilize our awareness, before it is too late.

Sustainable Energy

  • Texas Wind FarmTen Ways for Canada to Flourish Without Fossil Fuels (December 2009) Corporate Knights

  • Ten Ways to Enjoy Public Transit (December 2008)

  • The Carbon Years - Then Lift-off! (Jan 2008)
    Common Ground Magazine
    The age of fossil fuels is the ramp of intellectual capital that enables us to take off into a permanent post-carbon world.

  • Alberta's Tar Sandcastle (June 2006)
    Common Ground Magazine
    It takes so much energy to extract the oil from the tar sands, that it produces three times more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional oil.

  • Ten Ways to Break Our Addiction to Oil (June 2006)
    Corporate Knights

  • What's Happening to Fuel Prices? (Oct 2005)
    Common Ground Magazine
    Why is this happening? Are the oil companies gouging us? Is it a response to the war in Iraq, and hurricanes Katrina and Rita? Or is something else going on?

  • When the Gas Runs Out (July 2005)
    Common Ground Magazine
    How will we heat ourselves, when the gas runs out? This is a huge unanswered question that no one wants to address.

  • BP's Quarterly Quandry: Go Green or Go Greedy (June 2005)
    Common Ground Magazine
    What should they do with all their profits?

  • Sun, Wind and Electric Vehicles (Nov 2004)
    Common Ground Magazine
    A wind-electric car for $2.50 a month. A solar-electric car for $45 a month. Who needs oil?

  • Gas PricesOil-Free Travel (May 2004)
    Common Ground Magazine
    How will we travel, when the oil is gone?

  • Ten Breakthroughs that could Save the World (Dec 2003)
    Common Ground Magazine
    Here are 10 breakthroughs that could make a big difference in the way we treat our abused planet.

  • BC in 2025 - Where's the Energy? (Oct 2003)
    Common Ground Magazine
    It's October 2025 and the lights are on. The traffic is running smoothly, the economy is whirring and there is no fossil fuel being burnt in the province.

  • The Call of the Moon (Jan 2003)
    Common Ground Magazine
    The challenge that we face, as we come to terms with the enormous folly of continuing to burn fossil fuels, is to find a way to tap the tidal power of gravity and make it turn our turbines, producing megawatts from matter’s magic.

  • A Sustainable Energy Plan for the US (2003)
    First published in YES! Magazine
    Updated version printed in Earth Island Journal

    The challenge is to show how we can meet America’s energy needs by usingrenewable energy efficiently from the sun, wind, water, waves, tides, and hydrogen.

  • Carbon Activism for Beginners (2003)
    First published in The Activist
    In preparation for an explosion of courageous, feisty, carbon activism all around the world, let’s clean up our own act first.

  • San Francisco’s Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance (2001)
    First published in ‘Economic Development Today’
    Since 1982, San Francisco has used a very progressive approach to upgrade the energy efficiency of the city’s buildings, producing an overall 15% increase in efficiency, while stimulating the city’s economy.

  • Energy Management – The View from 2010
    Originally written for Energy Customer Magazine (not printed)
    An 8-step scenario for energy utility managers, set in the year 2010.

  • Ten Steps to Reduce your Carbon Emissions:
    Metric or US. Find out what your personal emissions are, and how you can reduce them.