How can we build our homes and communities so that they co-exist harmoniously with Nature? What does it mean to create a sustainable house, a sustainable community, a sustainable city? For each additional day that we live, design and build unsustainably, we pull another fibre out of the fabric of Earth’s ecosystems.

Some EcoVillage and CoHousing Inspirations


The CoHousing Network, Canada:

Cranberry Commons, Burnaby:

OUR Eco Village, Shawnigan Lake:

Quayside Village, North Vancouver:

Roberts Creek Cohousing, Sunshine Coast:

WindSong, Langley:


The CoHousing Network, USA:

EcoVillage at Ithaca:

Winslow Cohousing Group:

EcoVillage of Loudon County, Virginia:

EcoVillage Network of the Americas:


Global Ecovillage Network, Europe:

Torri Superiore, Italy:

Lebensgarten Steyerberg, Germany:

Hockerton Housing Project, UK:

Beddington Zero Energy Development, Sutton, UK:

Andelssamfundet i Hjortshøj, Denmark:

Ibsgarden Cohousing Project, Denmark:


Global EcoVillage Network:

Tlholego EcoVillage, South Africa:

Gaviotas, Colombia:

Crystal Waters Permaculture Village, Australia:


What is Cohousing?

Intentional Communities: