How can we build our homes and communities so that they co-exist harmoniously with Nature? What does it mean to create a sustainable house, a sustainable community, a sustainable city? For each additional day that we live, design and build unsustainably, we pull another fibre out of the fabric of Earth’s ecosystems.

15 Ways To Fix the Suburbs

  1. Give up big lawns
  2. Bring back the corner store
  3. Narrow the streets
  4. Drop the cul-de-sac
  5. Draw boundaries
  6. Hide the garage
  7. Mix housing types
  8. Create local footpaths
  9. Put new life into old malls
  10. Plan for mass transit
  11. Link work to home
  12. Make a town centre
  13. Shrink parking lots
  14. Turn down the lights
  15. Think green

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