Every mountain, every valley, every creek on this Earth is home to creatures, organisms and spirits that have roamed the Earth a good deal longer than we have.

And yet it is we who have been gifted with the power to preserve, destroy, or restore. We are the ones who must choose. What will we create, as our legacy to the future?

Cancer Cancer: 101 Solutions to a Preventable Epidemic, by Guy Dauncey, Liz Armstrong and Anne Wordsworth, 2007.
This Nautilus Award-winning book offers solid evidence that many cancers are caused by pollution from air, water, food and consumer products. Cancer is filled with practical advice on protecting your family, your neighbors, your fellow workers, and future generations.

Building an Ark Building an Ark: 101 Solutions to Animal Suffering, by Ethan Smith with Guy Dauncey, 2007.
This Nautilus Award-winning book shows how our disregard for the natural environment has impacted on wild, domestic and companion animals and provides positive, solutions-based alternatives.
  • The Five Laws of Sustainability (August 2009)
    Common Ground Magazine
  • It happens so easily. The oil spill on the driveway you hosed down the drain. The spray-on chemical that found its way into your body. The quick trip to the store that released ancient carbon into the atmosphere.
    Every day, we do things that break the laws of sustainability, without being penalized in any way.

  • Prevent Cancer Now
    A Canada-wide movement to eliminate the preventable causes of cancer

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