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Newsletter No. 86 - Serving Vancouver Island's Environmental Community - Sept. 1999


"There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries."
- Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

Environmentalism and pessimism - the two words are often seen as synonymous. Isn't it true, after all, that the ozone layer is collapsing, the ancient forests are being destroyed, and the whole planet is heating up ?

Yes, all these things are true. But the decision whether to embrace pessimism as an attitude of mind carries enormous implications. Just ask any sports man or woman. As soon as you think "defeat" (which is what pessimism means), the drive goes out of your spirit, taking with it all the creativity, vision, imagination, determination and joy which are the mark of optimism and victory.

And make no mistake - it is a decision. Even if you have adopted an attitude of pessimism without knowing when you did so, it is your decision whether to keep it, or trade it in for something different.

So what's on offer ? First, there's courageous optimism - people like Paul Watson and Nelson Mandela have this. They just never give up, however bad things seem to be. Terry Fox had courageous optimism

Then there is informed optimism, where the mind demands solid evidence before it is willing to put on new clothing.

Finally, there is deep optimism, where the mind adopts a deep belief that whatever the woes and sufferings of the world, this universe is still a beautiful place, and underneath it all, something truly wonderful is unfolding. It just takes time, and a good sense of history.

These things do take time. It took 350 years, but the radicals, republicans and democrats did eliminate the kings and dictators, with their cruel tyrannies. The abolitionists did abolish slavery, and the suffragette movement did win votes and freedom for women, even though it took them 84 years.

So how long will it be before the environmental movement ends humanity's assault on the Earth ? Is there any evidence for informed optimism ? For some of the core environmental issues, there is still no means of knowing. The world's population is still growing (though at a slower rate), and most of our future impacts are yet to be seen. On six of the key issues, however, there are interesting signs of progress.

(1) Renewable Energy. The world's wind energy capacity increased by 35% in 1998. Denmark now gets 8% of its energy from wind, and Germany gets 1%. Solarvoltaic energy is booming too, averaging a 16% increase in sales throughout the 1990s, and 21% in 1998. These may seem like small figures, but when capacity increases at an average of 25% a year, it only takes 20 years to move from 1% to 100%. With MP David Anderson's new leadership at Environment Canada, now is the time to encourage him, and push for a national policy to support 100,000 solar roofs in Canada, similar to Germany.

(2) In Europe, the amount of land under organic farming has seen a stunning 30-fold increase since 1986, and is growing at 25% a year. The advance of GM (genetically modified) foods has been stopped in its tracks, following a massive consumer revolt this spring.

(3) Globally, the amount of the world's forests being managed under eco-certification approved by the Forest Stewardship Council has reached 1%. Home Depot, which sells 10% of the world's wood has just committed to stop selling non-certified timber by 2003, following an aggressive campaign by Greenpeace and others. If ecocertification can hit 25% a year, the entire world's forests could be eco-certified by 2020.

(4) David Anderson is unwilling to revisit the weak Environmental Protection Act which his predecessor approved after heavy lobbying by industry, but he is promising a tough new Endangered Species Act which will apply to all land in Canada, not just federal land. We need to send him support, to counter the wails of industry.

(5) There is an interest in an ecological tax shift, both federally and here in B.C., where the new Minister of the Environment, Joan Sawicki, has been pushing this and other environmental initiatives for some time. With the NDP moving into new leadership, now is the time to argue for progressive actions.

(6) Finally, the World Trade Organization and its agenda of corporate globalization is about to hit the biggest roadblock of its life when it meets in Seattle at the end of November (see inside). There is nothing inevitable about the power of the global corporations - any more than there was about the power of feudalism and aristocracy in Europe, two hundred years ago.

The millennium is turning, and all around the world, people are working to overthrow the old order. There is a tide.... and now is the time to ride the wave. Jump on board !

- Guy Dauncey

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* The Northwest Earth Institute is starting a new round of Study Circles in Voluntary Simplicity, Deep Ecology and Bioregionalism in September and October. Almost 50 groups have started in the south island. If you are interested in joining a group, call Jackie Robson, 361-9446.
* Anyone doing native plant restoration in Sidney ? Call Rose Stecher, 655-6606
* Gentle, quiet, simple lifestyle artist seeks land partner for 13 acre home on Denman Island. Large garden, full sun. Flexible arrangement half market value ($180,000) to share house or build home. Email or write to 6500 Reginald Road, Denman.
* Help still wanted with the Garry oak inventory - counting the oaks in your area. Call Paul Gareau, 592-9089.
* The Land Conservancy of Canada is holding a big Garage Sale on Sept 18th to raise funds for threatened habitat. They'd like donations of books, records, kitchenware, gardening items, etc, plus baked goodies and volunteers. Call Katie Stewart, 386-4792.
* Two organic farmers looking for 5 - 10 acres of good arable land on Saanich Peninsula, with available water, lease for five years minimum. Shannon 361-3414
* Co-operative farming opportunity : I am looking for partners who would like to invest in, live on and farm a beautiful 16 acre piece of land in the Cowichan Valley. Contact Josh, (250) 715-7696
* Thinking ahead to Earthday 2000, April 21st - 30th, and all the possibilities. Volunteers wanted with various skills, call Doug Koch, 383-5865
* Eco-Paper : Reach for Unbleached! and Paper Choice are preparing their 6th Bulk-Buy of chlorine free, recycled paper at 20% below retail. Works well in photocopiers, laser and inkjet printers. $56 per case of 8.5 x 11, plus other sizes. Min 5000 sheets. (250) 935-6992 or 598-5526 Deadline October 1st.


There are some new faces at the Western Canada Wilderness Committee's offices at 620 View St (Suite 507). A big welcome to Ken Wu (Ancient Forests Campaigner) and Kristen Lindell (Sea-to-Sea Campaigner). Selena 'Trail' Blais is office manager, and Diona Davies is canvas manager. To volunteer or become a canvasser, call 388-9292.

The BC Chapter of the Sierra Club has moved to larger offices on the 2nd floor at 576 Johnson St, where they are busy campaigning on fisheries, forestry, and saving The Great Bear Rainforest. If you want to help, call 386-5255.

Talking of change, the LifeCycles Project, of urban farming fame, have also moved to new offices. They're now in James Bay at 527 Michigan Street, brewing up a host of organic endeavours, and starting a community garden right across the street. Drop in for a visit ! They love meeting new volunteers - call Matt, Sandor or Linda, 383-5800.


The Internet revolution rolls on ! If you want to know about late-breaking environmental actions and events, send an email to with 'SUBSCRIBE VICTORIA-ACTION <first name> <last name>' in the body. You can also use the list to post messages about events that you are organizing. This is not a discussion list, so you will not be inundated with messages debating the cosmic significance of deep ecology.


It's all go in Victoria ! Here's another new arrival, starting as a pilot project in Fairfield in mid-September. For $40, trained assessors will conduct a Green Home Visit, providing you with customized advice based on accepted air quality, building science and health principles. The assessment takes 2 hours and includes a written report covering ventilation, air quality, heating, household toxins reduction, composting and transportation alternatives. Tied in with the visits is the new Green Home Handbook, written for Victoria and packed with tips and $500 in coupons for local environmentally friendly businesses. ($10 in local bookshops or free with a Green Home Visit.) The Green Home Visits are organized by City Green Victoria, supported by CEDCO (the Community Economic Development Corporation of Greater Victoria), at 1133 Fort Street, 381-9995

Fairfield residents can also now recycle plastics, beginning Sept 18th, then every 3rd Saturday. Take all hard plastics from yogurt containers to shampoo bottles & buckets to St Mathias Church; Olive Street Common; Red Cross Building; Sir James Douglas School or Chapman Park. Call Neil, 382-7627.


Put the dates November 29th - Dec 3rd in your diary - for they will surely be marked as a watershed in the struggle to halt the corporate dominance of the global economy. Those are the dates when the World Trade Organization (WTO) is opening a new round of negotiations with its 135 member countries to further reduce tariffs and restrictions on trade in various sectors of the world economy.

I like to think of globalization as the process of becoming one planet, as we learn to love and care for the Earth as a whole, and overcome the racial and ethnic differences that have caused such suffering and grief. Maybe that's "Deep Globalization", embracing the deeper spiritual unity that unites us all, humans and nature, on this incredible planet, sharing our deeper unity while celebrating our differences and standing up for human rights and environmental protection.

The agenda of the WTO, backed by the world's most powerful corporations, is completely different. Their version of globalization is closer to global piracy, where concerns about environmental, worker or consumer protection are seen as impediments to the ultimate goal, which is the freedom of the world's corporations to treat the world as a backyard where they can poison, clearcut, dump and abuse without restraint.

Sure - let's have global trade. But fair trade between nations must surely be governed by a set of international agreements that honours the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the various global treaties, and the Earth Charter. The WTO wants a revisited Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) which would enable a corporation to take a nation to court for environmental or human rights legislation which restricted its trade or investment. What we really need is a Multilateral Agreement on Trade, the Environment and Human Rights, not another version of the MAI.

On November 30th there will be a massive gathering in Seattle to oppose all this. Here in Victoria, actions are being organized by the Council of Canadians, starting with a Teach-in on October 2nd. (Details - Carol Brown, 381-1182)

The WTO meeting is being sponsored by 40 companies including Microsoft, General Motors, Proctor & Gamble, Hewlett Packard, Boeing and Ford, which will have different levels of access to the proceedings, according to the amount of money they give. They are buying the right to influence the proceedings.

Some 700 organizations from 73 countries are launching a campaign to fight the extension of the WTO's powers. You'll find details at, and at

(Sources Seattle Weekly, UK Independent)


Over 40 varieties!! Salad greens, rootcrops, oriental vegetables, grains. Garden cleanup & soil enhancement
Gatherer's Garden 598-0797


Do you live in the Comox Valley ? In conjunction with Taylor Munro Energy Systems of Delta, the Earth Festival Society is offering solar water heaters to 100 qualified Comox Valley residents over the next 2 years, in one of Canada's largest residential solar water heater projects. Funding from Natural Resources Canada will give homeowners a $400 discount on the cost of $1,700 solar water heater, which can be purchased on a Homeworks financing plan for $40 per month. The average payback ranges from 7.6 years for propane-users to 14 years for natural gas users. The Sunwell SW200 solar water heater is a made-in-BC product which combines collector and storage in one roof-top unit, and can provide as much as 50% of a household's annual hot water needs. It consists of a roof-mounted stainless steel tank and parabolic concentrating reflector contained in an insulated, double-glazed housing. The system runs on regular water pressure and is disconnected and drained during the winter. For details, call Andrew Pape (250) 334-8514


A Texas developer is offering future residents of the Sharyland Plantation the option to power their homes with fuel cells rather than electricity from traditional utilities. By combining hydrogen and oxygen to form water and electric current, fuel cells produce electricity which is less polluting than fossil-fueled sources. They plan to build 500 units a year from 1999 to 2013. With a $6,000 fuel-cell generator and a natural gas or propane supply, homeowners will be able to produce their own electricity cheaper than the local utility while creating almost no pollution. See

(Wall Street Journal, via Greenclips).

Cadboro Bay Chiropractic

Dr Barry Curran
2571 Penrhyn St

University / Gyro Park Area


Are you a Councillor, or a City Manager ? Smart Investments for City and County Managers: Energy, Environment, and Community Development was published by the US EPA in April 1998. The $mart Investments guide provides examples of local governments that have revamped operations, increased resource use efficiency and promoted smart growth for the future. Chapters include Smart Energy Efficiency Investments, Smart Investments for Water Resources Conservation, Smart Waste Reduction And Recycling Investments, Smart Transportation Investments, & Smart Development Investments: Building Codes and Zoning. Available in PDF format from the Smart Growth Network


Next year's big Community Development Institute on Local Leadership for Sustainable Communities is being held in the Comox Valley, sponsored by the Comox Valley Social Planning Council (July 30th - Aug 4th, 2000). It's a big event, attended by hundreds of BC social and environmental activists. Right now, they are looking for Workshop Proposals covering social justice, community economic development, environmental stewardship, community democracy, etc. Proposals must be in by October 15th, so get your hats on ! For details, contact the CDI in Vancouver :, fax (604) 736-8697, tel (604) 718-7755.



Paul Martin is thinking about including an ecological tax shift in this Fall's Throne Speech and Budget. An ecological tax shift would tax the "bads" such as pollution, wastes, carbon emissions, urban sprawl and resource consumption, while reducing taxation on incomes and jobs. It makes a lot of sense, and many European countries are embracing such a shift. The oil companies hate the idea, so they are lobbying hard against the idea, making it is critically important that Paul Martin hears from those who support such a move.

Action : Write to encourage him, and emphasize how valuable such a shift would be. Hon. Paul Martin, Minister of Finance, Esplanade Laurier, East Tower, 21st floor 140 O'Connor St, Ottawa, K1A 0G5 email

Coming up, October 14th - 15th Conference on tax-shifting, here in Victoria. Mike Mascall, 595-2393

Check out the Victoria Green Pages !

Deadline for October: September 25th

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