"Our human destiny is inextricably linked to the actions of all other living things. Respecting this principle is the fundamental challenge in changing the nature of business."
- Paul Hawken, The Ecology of Commerce

After the Crash After the Crash: The Emergence of the Rainbow Economy by Guy Dauncey, 1987; updated 1996.
Traces the emergence of sustainable local economies around the world. It shows how ordinary people can rebuild their economies using community-based approaches, from Vancouver to Glasgow, from Ireland to Australia, from Spain to Bangladesh.
  • Ten Ways China is Going Green (September 2008)
  • Corporate Knights Magazine

  • Earth Stewardship (May 2008)
    Common Ground Magazine
    Earth Stewardship is not anti-business or anti-free markets, which are effective systems to produce the goods and services we need. Earth Stewardship, unlike capitalism, simply says that all business and markets must respect Nature instead of ravaging and dominating it.

  • Ten Ways to Raise Green Taxes (2008)
    Corporate Knights

  • Sekem InitiativeSekem Initiative, Egypt (2005)
    The Sekem Initiative is a successful example of social capitalism, operating on organically managed farmland reclaimed from the desert, outside Cairo. It promotes both economic and social and cultural development among its 2,000 employees.

  • Ten Ways to Invest in a Better World (Jan 2004)
    Corporate Knights

  • Beyond Capitalism (part one) (Jan 2004)
    Beyond Capitalism (part two) (Feb 2004)
    Common Ground Magazine
    We think of capitalism as a system of rules and practices - but in reality, it’s a state of mind, which says, "There are no limits, and no need to restrain myself."

  • Vendor LadyWorld Trade: Hope in Death (2003)
    First Published in EcoNews
    In September Lee Kyung-hae, a small farmer from South Korea, joined the protests at the World Trade Organization talks in Cancun, Mexico, and in a moment of excitement, he plunged a knife into his heart, dying a few hours later. Who was this small farmer? And why did he make the supreme sacrifice?

  • Shared Cars, a Bakery and a Cow (2000)
    First published in Renaissance Magazine, Germany
    It's all possible - and it's all being done somewhere on Earth today. There are no laws that say economies must be run the way they have been for the past 200 years, encouraging selfishness, greed, tax-evasion and ecological ruin.

  • Produce StandThe Economists’ Celebration (1999)
    First published in ‘Earthfuture’.
    Paris, December, 2012 - "Over the next three years the principles of cobudgeting were extended. In addition to social bonds, Swedish investors were able to purchase health bonds, family bonds and ecological bonds, the money from which was used to finance investments to heal their society."

  • The Natural Step (1999)
    First published in ‘Earthfuture’.
    Portland, Oregon, October 2007 - “I never understood why the timber was getting worse. I just assumed it was one of those things that was destined to go downhill, like television, and the way the kids like to dress. I've learnt a lot since then.”

  • JewellerNurjahan’s Story (1999)
    First published in ‘Earthfuture’.
    Sarishpur, Bangladesh, April 2013 - "I don't understand why anybody should be poor on this planet."

  • What If? The Birth of a Sustainable Economy in the Moray Firth Region of Scotland, 1995 – 2015 (1995)
    Presented to the Findhorn Foundation EcoVillages Conference, Findhorn, Scotland.

  • Farewell to Welfare
    Not previously published
    For all of our lives, there's been welfare, thanks to the courage and dreams of the good Lord's social reformers in the 1930s and 1940s. We no longer have to face the cruelty and indignities of the workhouse if we fall on hard times.

  • Smart Radio
    Extract from the unpublished novel ‘Journey into the Future’
    Vancouver, 2007 - "Radio had always been the poor sister of television. The basic design had hardly changed in 50 years. Smart Radio changed all this for ever, sending a ripple of revolution through the safe, conservative world of radio broadcasting."

  • Sustainable Economy Initiatives
    A collection of detailed case studies written for the Local Economic Development Information Service, in Glasgow, Scotland. Click above for the full collection.