About Guy Dauncey
Guy Dauncey is an author, speaker, organizer and consultant who specializes in developing a positive vision of a sustainable future,and translating that vision into action.

Guy Dauncey
13561 Barney Road,
Ladysmith, BC
Tel (250) 924-1445
(Pacific Time)



Current Activities

Past Activities

  • Universarium, 2003
    Advisory Board Member

  • WISE Biodiesel Cooperative, Victoria, 2003
    Advisory Board Member

  • The Findhorn Foundation, Scotland, 2003
  • 101 Ways to Stop the War on Iraq, 2003
    Development of the website www.earthfuture.com/stopthewar 700,000 hits during March and April.
  • Cedar Corner Organic Restaurant, Tofino, 2002-3
    Green building consultant on a 9500 sq ft, LEED registered organic restaurant building in Tofino, Vancouver Island, with Tofino Community Investments. Completion on hold. www.cedarcorner.com
  • Playa La Paz, Mexico, 2002
    Environmental consultancy on a proposed new eco-resort on the Baja Peninsula.
  • Ontario Tour, 2001
    10-day climate change speaking and media tour of Ontario
  • South Highlands Eco-Industrial Park, 2001
    Facilitated the development of a plan for the eco-development of the southern area of the District of Highlands, near Victoria, working with the Highlands Community Residents Association.
  • Vancouver Island: The Ideal Location for a Centre for Sustainable Technology, 2000
    Vision Paper by Guy Dauncey and Vern Rogers, for BC Building Corporation.
  • A Highlands Sustainable Technologies Park, 2000
    Vision paper for the South Highlands Planning and Land-Use Group.
  • Hot Springs Cove, 2000-2001
    Consultant to Hot Springs Holdings Ltd. in the successful planning and rezoning of a 50-unit summer wilderness eco-retreat centre in Clayoquot Sound.
  • The Street Volunteers, 1999
    Founder and Director of The Street Volunteers, a United Way program that trained people to establish Street Circles, building community resilience.
  • Journey into the Future : Vancouver Island in the 21st Century, 1998
    Producer and presenter of a 5-part public lecture series at the Kaleidoscope Playhouse, Victoria
  • Talking Cedars, Tofino, British Columbia, 1998-2000
    Lead consultant in plans for a 46-unit car-free, passive solar, ecologically designed cohousing ecovillage at Tofino, on the west coast of Vancouver Island.
  • Turning Down the Heat, 1998-99
    Researcher and Production Assistant for Jim Hamm Productions on 'Turning Down the Heat : The New Energy Revolution' for The Nature of Things (CBC TV) April 1999, addressing global solutions to climate change. Earth Vision '99 Award, Santa Cruz. Honorable Mention at Worthington - Columbus International Film & Video Festival. Selected for screening at the Planet In Focus Festival (Toronto), Global Visions Festival (Edmonton), and the Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival (Leavenworth).
  • Turning Down the Heat Web Page, 1999
    A website on global solutions to climate change, accompanying the CBC film 'Turning Down the Heat'.

  • Overcoming the Barriers to Sustainable Real Estate Development in Canada, 1998-99
    6-month project for CHMC, in partnership with Peck & Associates, Toronto.
  • Royal Oak Design Charrette, Saanich, 1998
    Participant in sustainable redesign of a heritage building and dysfunctional suburban centre.
  • South East False Creek, Vancouver, 1997-98
    Member of the Sheltair Scientific Team, working with Vancouver City Council and Planning Department to develop parameters & performance targets leading to the development of the 80 acre city-centre South East False Creek lands as a model of urban sustainability.
  • Victoria Car-Share Co-operative, 1996-97
    Co-founder of the 140-member Victoria Car-Share Co-operative. Overall responsibility for bringing the concept to Victoria and steering it to a successful launch in February 1997.
  • Civano, Tucson, Arizona, 1995-1996
    Consultant to the Trust for Sustainable Development on the development of Civano, Tucson, Arizona, as an eco-community/solar village for 5,000 people.
  • Bamberton, Vancouver Island, 1991-1994
    Consultant to South Island Development Corp on the development of the proposed new town of Bamberton, a $1billion project to create an ecologically sustainable town for 12,000 people, over 20 years. Subsequently shelved.
  • Co-organizer, Victoria Green Pages, 1998.
    Internet site for environmental organizations in Greater Victoria,

  • YES ! Magazine, A Journal of Positive Futures, Bainbridge Island, WA
    Editorial adviser.

  • The Natural House Catalog by David Pearson, Fireside Book, 1996

  • City of Victoria Environment Advisory Committee, 1990-1994
    Member and Chair. Co-authored set of Environmental Development Standards for the City (not adopted),

  • Co-founder of Voters for a Responsible Community, 1990
    Publishing the social, economic and environmental attitudes of 70 candidates for municipal office in Greater Victoria, Canada,

  • Co-founder, UK Social Investment Forum, 1990
    Coordinating professionals in socially responsible finance.

  • Consultant to HFC Bank Inc.1989
    Consulting on on social and environmental responsibility in banking,

  • Consultant to Sustainability Ltd.,1989.
    Developing an environmental audit framework for British Telecom, UK (100,000 employees),

  • Ma Mawi Native Youth Project, Winnipeg
    Community economic development leadership training.

  • Native Indian youth exchange trip to Britain, 1987

  • Lecturer, University of Manitoba, 1987
    Speaking on community economic development,

  • Winnipeg Social Planning Council, 1987
    Community economic development workshop series.

  • Travels in China, 1986

  • Lecture tour of Canada, 1985
    Organized by SPARC of BC.

  • Co-founder, British Unemployment Resource Network, 1981-1984

  • Co-founder, UK Education for Enterprise Network, 1981

  • Research, writing and lecturing, 1971-1977
    Focusing on the evolution of consciousness.

  • Lecturer in community colleges and adult education, 1971-1975

  • Travels in West Africa, 1971
    Crossing the Sahara, living in a Senegalese village.

  • Travels overland throughout India, 1968-9
    With the Gandhian village development movement.

  • Sociology BA, Nottingham University, 1966 – 1970
  • Dorset County Athletics Championship, 1963
    Winner, Under 16s 440 yards