About Guy Dauncey
Guy Dauncey is an author, speaker, organizer and consultant who specializes in developing a positive vision of a sustainable future,and translating that vision into action.

Guy Dauncey
13561 Barney Road,
Ladysmith, BC
Tel (250) 924-1445
(Pacific Time)



Media Appearances

  • Guy on BeachCBC Almanac, BC
  • NPR, Missouri
  • CBS Radio, New York
    KKSU, Kansas
  • USA Radio Network, with Al Lerner & Richard Stevens (syndicated)
  • CKNW, Vancouver, with Rafe Mair
  • WORT, with Stan Woodworth
    GoodNewsBroadcasting (New York), with Paul Slodka
  • WXRK/WFPN, New York, with Bob Salter
  • WZLX Boston, with Anne Cody
  • KCPW, Salt Lake City
    Peter Warby Talk Radio, Detroit (syndicated)
  • CFAX, Victoria, with Joe Easingwood
  • WXSS, Wisconsin, with Glenn Reid
  • WBAA, Indiana (NPR)
  • EarthWatch Radio, Wisconsin, with Steve Pumplun (syndicated to around 100 stations)
  • Peter Werbe Show, ie America Radio Network
  • KSTX, San Antonio
  • WIP, Philadelphia, with Peter Solomon
  • CBC Almanac phone-in guest, Vancouver
  • Voice of America, with Rob Sivak
  • KUAF (NPR), with Kyle Kellams
  • New Jersey Network (NPR), with Bruce Wadzeck
  • KUAF (NPR), Fayetteville, Arizona
  • EcoFiles Radio, Edmonton, with David Dodge
  • Canada AM, CTV
  • GreenWave.com Radio, with Chandler (www.GreenWave.com/radio/interviews/3201)
  • CrossRoads TV, Ontario
  • CBC Maritime Noon phone-in guest, Halifax
  • CJCH, with Rick Howe, Halifax
  • CBC 'Commentary', Canada
  • KBOO, Portland
  • KPFA/KPFK, with Michio Kaku
  • KPFA, Berkeley
    Radio Melbourne, Australia