About Guy Dauncey
Guy Dauncey is an author, speaker, organizer and consultant who specializes in developing a positive vision of a sustainable future,and translating that vision into action.

Guy Dauncey
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Speaking References

Guy on Gabriola

Guy speaking to a community meeting on
Gabriola Island, BC, in 2008


" Guy’s presentation captivated the entire school – both students and staff. Rather than focus on the doom and gloom arising from the news about climate change, he provided numerous examples of positive developments re: sustainably energy projects around the world. Following the presentation, students from each grade level volunteered their names as prospective members of our Environment Club. He also did the ribbon cutting for our then new school garden. A great presentation!"
David Grey, Woodlands High School, Nanaimo, June 2015


"An amazing realistic look at what our actions are doing to the world. I think that if everybody could hear this presentation and understand the realities of our future, the world would be a different place. Thank you Guy for educating us about our alternatives and for inspiring us to make a difference through our choices. Your mind blowing, fast paced, outside the box logic is spot on."
Walter Gray, Mayor of Kelowna, BC., June 2004.


"This past summer, our organization was involved in the Walkerton Greenstep 2002 Environmental Fair and as such was looking for a guest speaker. It was suggested that we ask Guy Dauncey to fly in from Victoria and speak in Walkerton, Ontario. The decision to do this was without a doubt the highlight of the event! I had audience members approach me to thank us for giving them the opportunity to hear him. One man actually said he had had an environmental epiphany while listening to Guy’s message. Mr. Dauncey’s commitment and dedication to the environment, the planet and the health of its inhabitants is to say the least inspirational. The ease and eloquence with which he delivers his message is poetry to the ear. A thoroughly enjoyable speaker who speaks to his audience not above them."
Lynda Bausinger, Coordinator, Walkerton Healthy Communities Initiative, Ontario. (519) 881-1795


"I have contracted Mr Dauncey as a keynote speaker on 3 occasions ­ twice in Edmonton, and once in Toronto. And he has never let me down. I have since recommended him as a speaker to other organizations across Canada. As one of Canada’s most knowledgeable and credible authors on climate change and solutions to sustainability, Guy is an exceptional speaker and facilitator. His upbeat style inspires optimism on otherwise overwhelming topics, and listeners are always eager to work for change after attending Guy’s presentations."
Angela Bischoff, Toronto Clean Air Partnership. (416)392-7204


"It is a privilege to be able to offer a recommendation for Guy Dauncey as a speaker and authority on climate change. As author of the important book "Stormy Weather", Guy delivers an exceptional presentation about the science and impacts of climate change. Further, and more importantly, Guy's focus on affecting real change today, whether through business, industry, or individual action, through real suggestions for actions, is the commonly-missing element of most climate change discussions. Guy's approach to public presentations, his passion, knowledge and energy makes it easy for me to recommend him for presentations to any audience."
Cory Waters, Executive Director, City Green, Victoria, BC. 250-381-9995


"It was nice to hear someone discuss spirit and science in the same sentence because most never see that connection."

"He presented a great foundation on sustainability and spirituality."

"The vision of a positive future! It is so valuable to convey that to students in order to prevent psychic numbness."

"He confirmed my belief in human ingenuity that will overcome the "baddies"!"

"Guy's session was very informative and empowering. The amount of knowledge that he has is staggering."

"These ideas and values are contagious. I know I will carry some of Guy into my schools with me."

"Guy’s in-depth knowledge and familiarity with environmental sustainability issues, combined with his humour and optimistic outlook, really inspired our workshop participants. Freshly armed with the power of focussing on solutions, rather than dwelling on problems, we feel prepared to create positive change and to bring this message to colleagues, teachers, and students."

Participants at the Keats Island Fisheries and Oceans Educational Retreat, August 2005.