If you become involved in the political process, you can help to determine the shape of the world you live in, both locally and globally.

If you don’t, someone else will do it – and you may not like the result.

Proportional Representation

Famous Quotations

"The danger of democracy has always been the danger of an electorate seized by passivity."
Dalton Camp

"Powerful governments have long promoted the doctrine of parliamentary democracy that brazenly holds that once elected by virtue of winning the most seats in a general election, regardless of the size of their party's popular vote, they have a mandate to deal with any issue that comes up during the life of that Parliament. ... [This attitude] has become one of the major factors in the loss of credibility suffered by Canadian governments and has led to a general disrespect for Canadian legislatures, shared even by many of us who are members of them."
Patrick Boyer, Progressive Conservative MP for Etobicoke, 1984 – 1993

"Because of the unusually low voter turn out [in the 2000 federal election] a mere 26% of Canadians elected a cast-iron Liberal majority. ... The election's unintended result is that we have invented a new and potentially lethal political phenomenon: an elected dictatorship."
Peter Newman

"Canada has remained a timid democracy. The establishment that has run our country has proceeded comfortably - not always in the interests of the people, nor indeed of the country itself."
Patrick Boyer, Progressive Conservative MP for Etobicoke, 1984 – 1993

"The cure for the evils of democracy is more democracy."
H. L. Mencken

"We are sleepwalking to a major crisis in democracy."
Lorne Nystrom, MP for Regina Qu’Appelle

"The urgent question for 1996, for 2001 and for all elections to come, is this: How do we create a system that better serves all the people of British Columbia?"
Geoff Plant, BC’s Attorney General