Spirit - at the core of our lives, at the core of Nature, at the core of the Universe.

And, I would also suggest, at the core of science.

A Bike! A Bike!

A bike! A bike! My Island for a bike!

Oh, that the sweetest lanes and mountaintops
Should not with foul assault be shaven,
Worthlessly to fall from glorious gold
Into the lost debris of myths that once were golden.

For doth this Island that we love so much
Touch not the very heavens with its grace?
Do not the eagles e'en look down with joy
As in its air they spire their ancient dance?

What fools be we if, in our late arriving,
We do destroy the place of our arrival
Burying deep its heart, its soul
In the rubble of our building?

Such is the brilliance of excess,
The wisdom that can only see
Delight in a supermarket trolley,
Not a tree.

Bring then a bike, a train, a humble bus
That we should change this climate in our souls,
Before we burn the very planet on our coals.
This appetite will be the death of us.

A bike! A tram! A rollerblade!
Than pave this heaven someone made.
Take hence this thing that's hagged its might
Into the mare of all our nights.

In place of haste and rush and greed
Let's place sweet limits on our speed,
And in constraint, let's say a prayer
For bikes - God bless them, everywhere.

Guy Dauncey
Feb 14th 1998