Spirit - at the core of our lives, at the core of Nature, at the core of the Universe.

And, I would also suggest, at the core of science.


  • Earth PotentialThe Song of Syntropy
    Srinagar, Kashmir, Northern India - A tale of vision, hope, and political pursuit...

  • The Syntropy Revolution (2006)
    From The Atlantic Review
    In the year since Iqbal Kharoun and Elizabeth Mitchell published their paper in Nature, the cultural world has been in a tumult of creative upheaval. You would have thought they were proposing the abandonment of all civilization, instead of a simple adjustment to the way we perceive matter and consciousness.

  • Journey into the Future: The Syntropy Revolution
    Extract from Journey into the Future (an unpublished novel)
    Narrated by Jonah, in the year 2016

  • Entropy and Syntropy: from Mechanical to Life Science
    By Antonella Vannini
    "This work describes the qualities and implications, in the field of psychology, of two principles which can be observed in the physical and biological world: the principle of entropy and the principle of syntropy."


  • Spirituality, Hope and the Future of the Planet (April 2008)
    Click on the title to read the transcript of this inspiring presentation made by Guy Dauncey at the First Unitarian Church of Victoria.

    Or, click here to listen to the 25-minute recording (MP3, 22.8mb)

  • The Impossible Dream (April 2008)
    Common Ground Magazine
    Throughout history, individuals have been stirred by injustice and folly to right the unrightable wrong, to fight the unbeatable foe.

  • Yes We Can (March 2008)
    Common Ground Magazine
    People are still awaiting the sign that it is safe to come out of the cave, pick up their belief and experience once more the sun of hope as they join the global effort that is underway.

  • Looking OutMy Beliefs (Nov 2007)
    Common Ground Magazine
    I feel it appropriate to share some of my core beliefs, as they inform my writing and my understanding of what is happening in the world.

  • A Million Years of Sustainability (Aug 2007)
    Common Ground Magazine
    Once we learn to live sustainably, cooperatively and lovingly, I see no reason why we humans should not be around in a million years.

  • A Prayer at a Time of Crisis (Dec 2006)
    Common Ground Magazine
    It has been my experience during my 58 years of living that if I sincerely ask for guidance from a presence or source of wisdom that I respect, whether as an act of prayer or meditation, provided my intentions are pure and seeking a way to serve, not to take, positive results will follow.

  • Our Friends in the Universe (Nov 2006)
    Common Ground Magazine
    I want to write about other life in the universe – aliens, little green men, or as I prefer, human equivalents: “humanees.” I hope you’ll stay with me to see where I’m going.

  • Thoughts for a Starry Night (Oct 2006)
    Common Ground Magazine
    It is only 40 years since we first saw our planet from space and felt our consciousness shift to a global identity. We are the first generation in history that has started to think and act globally, rather than locally or nationally.

  • Ten Resolutions to Change Your World (Jan 2006)
    Common Ground Magazine
    Another year’s dawning – what will it bring?
    A burden to carry, or a banquet to sing?

  • Lessons from the Trenches of Life (March 2005)
    Common Ground Magazine
    What makes for success in life, love, and leadership? Everyone has different experiences, and different lessons they can share. Here are some of mine, gathered mostly from my working life as a self-employed person.

  • Old WomanA Summer's Journey Into The Future (2005)
    Thoughts and reflections.

  • Summer Thoughts (2005)
    Underneath the confusion of the modern world, with its conflicts and ecological collapses, there lies a deeper question which rarely gets our attention.

  • Deep Hope (Dec 2004)
    Common Ground Magazine
    However dire things may seem, the universe wants life to succeed. It wants dreams to be realized and love to be fulfilled.

  • Where are We Going? (Oct 2004)
    Common Ground Magazine
    Think big; and I mean BIG. Think the biggest question of all, beyond "Is there life in the Canucks?" and "Is there life elsewhere in the Universe?". Think "Where are we going?"

  • The Pull of Time (July 2004)
    Common Ground Magazine
    Time, the lake along which all consciousness skates, the sky within which all spirits fly.

  • When God Became Pregnant (March 2004)
    Common Ground Magazine
    "We are stardust, making our way back to the Garden" - Joni Mitchell

  • We Are the Answer (2004)
    When the laws of ecology say "everything is connected", this includes the spiritual realm.

  • Journey into Gold (June/July 2003)
    Common Ground Magazine
    Deeply embedded within evolution itself, far deeper than the replicating genes, is a sense of direction and purpose.

  • The Tale of Tangier Island (2003)

  • Water, Spirit and Peace (2003)
    Dr Emoto is producing evidence that human consciousness has an effect on water. . . that water is alive; that it carries its own unique magnetic resonance field; that it can carry a memory.

  • A Dialogue on Science and Spirit (2002)
    Entry to the Resurgence Essay Competition
    Could it be true, Joshua thought, that all matter is permeated with spirit, and that spirit has programmed a sense of purpose into the whole evolutionary story, right back to the Big Bang?

  • Great CircleNow is the Time to Ride with the Winds of Change (1999)
    The millennium is turning, and all around the world, people are working to overthrow the old order. There is a tide.... and now is the time to ride the wave. Jump on board !

  • The Century Ends – The Best is Yet to Come (1999)
    The biggest obstacle is cynicism, which elevates powerlessness to a state of personal "cool".

  • Global Consciousness Change (1997)
    " Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness, nothing will change for the better." Vaclav Havel, past President of the Czech Republic

  • The Power of Love – A Fable for Our Time
    First published in After the Crash: The Emergence of the Rainbow Economy (1996)
    There was once a mountain, and if you stood on top of the mountain at dawn, you could see the most beautiful sun rising over an incredible land, full of grace, full of peace and meaning.

  • Another Extract from 'Journey into the Future'
    He was a scientist through and through, but a scientist who had kept alive his wonder at the mysteries of nature. And then he fell and broke his spine, cutting the nerves to his legs.

  • 7.84
    Extracts from a letter by Malcolm Forsythe, in London, UK, to his friend Anton, in the Ukraine, recalling the events of 2012 - "Where will it end ? That's a bit like asking a single-celled organism to imagine what it's going to be like when it evolves into a human."