Spirit - at the core of our lives, at the core of Nature, at the core of the Universe.

And, I would also suggest, at the core of science.

Love Poems

These lovely nights
When in the dark we lie
I feel your peace touch mine

Together, bonding into One, we sleep;
Our fears are gently washed away.
Our resting souls grow still.

The flowers of heaven
Are falling on my breast.

The flowers of heaven
Are budding in my soul.


You are the Earth: I am the Sun,
You wait to know: I rush to come.
You bide your time, and watch things grow,
I blaze and shine, to melt the snow.
I hide behind a sulky cloud,
Then pour myself right through that shroud.
You dig yourself beneath the soil,
Then show your head, and wave your tail.
I bring the light, you take it in,
I seek the Earth; you seek the Sun.

But after all is said and done,
When dusk is past, and night begun,
I hold you in my arms, and ask
You are my Earth: am I your Sun?



I am alive
and I hear that you, my friend
are lying gravely ill in bed,
not far from home.

Here, the sunflowers shine at me,
and fresh drops of rain
sit on the iris leaves.
A million living things
buzz and fly and flutter,
all busy living,
getting on with life.

And you, my friend,
you touch the fringe of heaven
while all of earth -
friends, children, loves -
reach out to touch your fringe,
and cry out "Stay !" -
or if it be your will,
so sadly, irretrievably full of love,
to fly, and know
that most glorious of journeys
from which there is no return.

What can I say?
Your life has touched us all,
and all of us would that it went on doing so
another forty, fifty years.

You bring into this world
the angels' love,
and with your grace,
you lift the very presence of us all.

I don't exaggerate,
nor am I being dumb.
I know it to be so,
even at this distance
from across the sea.
Why should I not say it so?

So if it be thy will,
then stay, stay to know again
full health, full joy
to laugh, and love, and
do a thousand things,
sweet touch, sweet flowers, sweet bright delight.

Stay, and bring to Earth
that bridge, that touch with God
that makes the whole world holy.

But if it be thy will then go,
fly up, and seek thy truth,
but take this message with you.

Tell Peter we said to say
"This is another special one,
a joyful one, a one who has known
such pain that all the cuts of heaven
have cut right through, and opened up
the heart that knows only love,
and deepest self".

Tell him we love you,
and ask him to take good care of you.
And while you're at it, tell him
thanks, so many thanks for giving us you,
a thousand thanks, and more.
The gift was beautiful.

It still is. It always will be.

(September 9th, 1994)


so still
in the midst of a Schubert sonata,
you sound like a bell
calling even the hedgerows
to worship.

So here is a hug,
and a tinkle of love
falling like dew
upon all upholden faces.

(October, 1996)


A Lament for Old Friends, After Too Brief a Visit

So many trees,
and firs, and mountains;
so much of Scotland, sight unseen.

So many loves,
and aches, and bruises;
all torn away cruelly, soul and spleen.

I thought I had moved
to a far distant country;
never looked back,
never kiltered, or pined;
but when friends by the hundred
came hugging and laughing,
I knew that I missed them,
and grieved for my kind.

Now that I'm home,
on this far western ocean,
now that I'm parted,
friends weakened and gone,
my heart stays behind me,
in bracken and gorse-love,
my heart rests in Scotland,
all on its own.

So what are you wanting,
that stays there, so distant?
What are you wanting, that cannot come home?
There are friends here in Canada,
arms open and waiting,
There are friends here in Canada,
wanting you home.

So welcome, dear homeland,
my newland, my westland,
welcome high eagles, dark forest and bear,
welcome, my powerland, my wild and torn wetland;
but share my heart gently,
with the ones who're not here.

On returning from Scotland to Victoria, October 27th, 1995


The starlight will be full
of memories of you;
the moon will call your name.

My mornings while you soundly sleep
will be greeted by
rejoicing for our love.

Each day will be with you
a constant quiet happiness,
a secret celebration.

Each night will be a touch
to your fingers,
a kiss to your lips,
a meeting with your soul
before I sleep.

We share one Earth,
one night,
one moon,
one love.

About the author

Guy Dauncey is an author, organizer and sustainable communities consultant who specializes in developing a positive vision of an environmentally sustainable future, and translating that vision into action. He is the author of Stormy Weather : 101 Solutions to Global Climate Change (New Society Publishers, July 2001), and ‘A Sustainable Energy Plan for the US’ (Earth Island Journal, August 2003). He is also the publisher of EcoNews (a monthly newsletter), co-founder of the Victoria Car-Share Cooperative, and a consultant in ecovillage and green building development. He lives in Victoria, on the west coast of Canada.

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