Stormy Weather: 101 Solutions to Global Climate Change

Table of Contents

Stormy WeatherForeword by Ross Gelbspan
Author's Preface

INTRODUCTION - Moving to a World without Fossil Fuels
Time to Get Started
Our Story
Planetary Weaning
The Greenhouse Effect
The Greenhouse Gases
Greenhouse Gases Chart
The Enhanced Greenhouse Effect
The Climate Impacts
The Runaway Greenhouse Effect
The Counter-Arguments
An 80% Reduction by 2025
Those Pesky Energy Data
Sustainable Energy for a Sustainable Planet
Building a More Efficient World
Solar Energy
Wind Energy
Geothermal, Hydroelectric Energy
Tidal and Wave Energy
Biomass Energy
Natural Gas and Nuclear Energy
Carbon Sequestration
Wild Cards
What Will it Cost?
The Carbon Barons
A Global Effort

Ten Solutions for Individuals
Ten Solutions for Citizens Organizations
Ten Solutions for Cities, Towns and Counties
Ten Solutions for Businesses and Organizations
Fifteen Solutions for Energy Companies
Five Solutions for Auto Companies
Ten Solutions for States and Provinces
Ten Solutions for National Governments
Ten Solutions for Developing Nations
Ten Global Solutions
One Solution for All of Us